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Laptop Batteries

Why is the life of laptop battery reduced?

Why is the life of battery reduced? How can it be increased?


  1. The electro circuit or the charger don't suit the battery.
  2. If the battery is overcharged or too discharged it reduces its life
  3. The battery you have doesn't meet the requirements of the charger


  • You should always use the original charger.
  • Always fully charge the battery, when it is discharged.
  • You should stay away from flawed usage. You should avoid the falling off and short circuit of the battery, too heavy pressure on it etc.
  • Why is battery not charged?

    Why is battery not charged? What is the remedy to break down this hurdle?


    1. The battery has no voltage.
    2. The charger is not working properly. It means that charger may not be producing output electric current.
    3. Any other factor, which may be affecting the efficiency of charging


    1. Check out that there is an output electric current and the voltage in the charger
    2. Find out whether the battery is in proper contact with charger.
    3. If you can't charge the battery get it activated with 1.5 times higher current and voltage than the battery's maximum one

    When new battery can't be charged?

    Since we ship new batteries in discharged state, you should charge them before the use.
    We recommend an overnight charge of around twelve hours.
    Always go through the user's guide for further guidelines on charging.
    Batteries which are rechargeable should be cycled- first fully charged and then discharged, generally 2 to 4 times early on. (Note: If you see that battery has become warm while charging, don't worry- the battery usually is warm when it is charged).
    New batteries are not fully charged since they are hard for an instrument to charge. As they have not been fully charged, they are still "unformed". It may happen that your device stop charging the battery before the charging optimization. In this case, you should remove the battery first and then re-insert it for charging. It might happen few times, so don't panic, as it is absolutely normal.

    Battery low voltage or no voltage

    Low voltage or no voltage; causes and remedies


    1. If there is no voltage
    2. If a shot circuit is external or anti-charge, overcharge takes place
    3. If there is cell expansion, constant high efficiency of electric current or anodes come into direct contact than overcharging results into short circuit.


    1. Be sure that your battery is without voltage or electric current.
    2. Save it from short circuit.
    3. Protect it from too heavy pressure and the collision.
    4. When the battery is automatically discharged you should fully charge it.

    Why is my new laptop battery not functioning?

    Since new batteries are sent without being charged, they should be charged before the use. It is recommended to charge it overnight (for around twelve hours) in case of the Ni-Cd batteries. In case of the Nickel Metal Hydride, you should charge it for 24 hours. You should always go through the user manual for charging instruction. Batteries which are rechargeable should be cycled- first fully charged and then discharged, generally 2 to 4 times. It allows them to reach their full capacity. (Note: If you see that battery has become warm while charging, don't worry as it is normal for a battery to become warm while charging and discharging).

    What is "memory effect"?

    What is 'memory effect'? How can we keep away from it?

    'Memory effect' is primarily associated with the Ni-Cd batteries, and with Ni-MH batteries in a worse quantity. It means that if a battery is not fully discharged before recharging over a period of time, the battery then 'forgets' that it has capability for discharge further. To make it simple, suppose if you charge your battery fully and use just 45% of the total capacity before you charge it again, then the remaining 55% capacity of the battery remains unused. If this continues for long, then ultimately the battery will not remember its extra 55% capacity, which you left unused. Even though the battery works, it works only at 55% of its total capacity.

    Ways of increasing laptop battery life

    Do you want to extend the life of the laptop battery? There are various factors that affects the time period in which a battery can deliver power before it must be recharged.
    Here are a few tips to enhance the life of your laptop battery life:

    • When you are not using your notebook for a long period (a week or more), you should take out the battery pack from the notebook.
    • Avoid battery being exposed to excessive heat or chilling temperatures. Never leave the battery in the car in summer. When battery is hot, it discharges rather quickly, while the cold battery does not produce much power.
    • Always make sure that you plug laptop charger adapter into a UPS and not directly into a power outlet or surge protector.
    • Completely drain and recharge the battery, if it is a nickel-metal hydride battery do it once in a month. It will maximize its capacity to hold a charge.
    • The battery should be fully charged before you use it. Full charging and discharging is imperative a few times before it operates in its full capacity.
    • You should re-install the battery inside every three-four weeks if your laptop works as Desktop Replacement.

    If you leave a battery in a laptop while you use an electrical outlet for a long period, the life cycle of the battery is reduced as it keeps on charging the battery.

    Dell laptop battery FAQ

    Q: How long is the life of Dell laptop battery? What time should I be looking for changing it?
    A: Every rechargeable battery phases out over a period of time. With time and its subsequent use, the effectiveness decreases. A general user will feel the fall in run time after 18 to 24 months. In case of a power user, the run time reduction can be felt in 18 months. Buy a new Dell laptop battery when you don't meet your needs.

    Q: There are two kinds of accumulators which differ in Watt hours. How can both be differentiated?
    A: Higher Watt hours (Whr) give longer battery run time. When you compare both batteries, while running the same applications, the 53Whr battery gives around 65% more run time compared to the 32Whr battery.

    Inspiron 2600/2650 Replacement Battery

    This is a Brand New Rechargeable Replacement Li-ion Battery for Dell Inspiron 2600 and 2650 series laptops.
    Compatible Part Numbers: 1F749, 2G218, 2G248, 2N135, 312-0022, 461-7299, 6P848, 7F948, 8F871, A5534524, BAT3151L6, BAT3151L8, BATACY13C8, BATACY13L8, BATCY13L8, MCY13, 1G222,
    Product Specifications:
    Rating: 14.8V
    Capacity: 4000mAh
    Size: 4.75 x 4.35 x .79"
    Color: Black
    Technology: Lit-Ion
    Condition: Brand New
    In Stock: Yes