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Why is battery not charged?

Why is battery not charged? What is the remedy to break down this hurdle?


  1. The battery has no voltage.
  2. The charger is not working properly. It means that charger may not be producing output electric current.
  3. Any other factor, which may be affecting the efficiency of charging


  1. Check out that there is an output electric current and the voltage in the charger
  2. Find out whether the battery is in proper contact with charger.
  3. If you can't charge the battery get it activated with 1.5 times higher current and voltage than the battery's maximum one

When new battery can't be charged?

Since we ship new batteries in discharged state, you should charge them before the use.
We recommend an overnight charge of around twelve hours.
Always go through the user's guide for further guidelines on charging.
Batteries which are rechargeable should be cycled- first fully charged and then discharged, generally 2 to 4 times early on. (Note: If you see that battery has become warm while charging, don't worry- the battery usually is warm when it is charged).
New batteries are not fully charged since they are hard for an instrument to charge. As they have not been fully charged, they are still "unformed". It may happen that your device stop charging the battery before the charging optimization. In this case, you should remove the battery first and then re-insert it for charging. It might happen few times, so don't panic, as it is absolutely normal.