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Why is the life of laptop battery reduced?

Why is the life of battery reduced? How can it be increased?


  1. The electro circuit or the charger don't suit the battery.
  2. If the battery is overcharged or too discharged it reduces its life
  3. The battery you have doesn't meet the requirements of the charger


  • You should always use the original charger.
  • Always fully charge the battery, when it is discharged.
  • You should stay away from flawed usage. You should avoid the falling off and short circuit of the battery, too heavy pressure on it etc.
  • Some steps to be followed for better use of the battery

    1. Never change or disassemble it.
    2. Avoid exposing it to extreme heat. It may result in an exposure.
    3. Avoid contacts with water and other moist/wet substances.
    4. Don't hit, crush or indulge in or misuse with the battery.
    5. Always remember to take the battery out from the notebook if you are not using it for a long period.
    6. Always keep your battery packed away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins to protect it from short circuit.